Finally! Zmarzlik has made a quantum leap towards gold!

Everyone should find someone in their life who will look at them like participants of the Grand Prix in Vojens with yellow helmets. The fourth starting field dominated the others so much that it effectively distorted the results of the competition throughout the tournament. This is one of the reasons why the large number of fans gathered at the stadium had to cover their mouths for fear that the TV camera would catch them yawning. It was perhaps not the weakest round of this year’s cycle, but we happen to see more track emotions during the Polish Junior Team Championship.

Phil Morris, the cycle director, is to blame for it. For wholly unknown reasons, he has the habit of arranging the flood of the century for every city in which he appears to perform his duties. The track created by Ole Olsen took so much water that in a moment and the speedway riders would have to change their original motorcycles for water scooters.

In these rather original conditions, some players fared better than others. The main stage of the tournament was won by Tai Woffinden, who had not been seen in such high regions of the classification for a long time. Patryk Dudek and Bartosz Zmarzlik, and finally the representatives of the hosts – Leon Madsen, Mikkel Michelsen and Rasmus Jensen, who competed in the wild card, were also doing well. The particularly good results of the latter two should be read in the category of no small sensation. Michelsen is still struggling with a leg contusion and is on crutches, while Jensen was not supposed to cross the ranks of the favorites, but simply to experience the taste of riding with the elite.

When it comes to downside surprises, unfortunately it is impossible not to mention Maciej Janowski’s disposition. Something bad has been going on with the Wrocław citizen for a long time, but scoring four points? It is an unexpected defeat, even in the light of its recent low form. The Pole has to look behind his back more and more often because he is in danger of falling out of the cycle! Fortunately, the next tournament will take place on a well-known track in Malilla, Sweden.

Zmarzlik did it!

Both Poles taking part in the semi-finals – Dudek and Zmarzlik, were promoted to the final run. They stood under the tape together with Leon Madsen and Robert Lambert, who had the honor of choosing the fourth starting grid. To the despair of Charles III’s subjects, their representative did not use the lucky ruts for the first triumph in his career in the Grand Prix round. On the opposite straight of the first lap, Zmarzlik blocked it masterfully and raced for the first victory since April. Two tournaments before the end of the series, only a cataclysm can take away his third championship title.

Patryk Dudek descended into the machine park visibly upset. He dreamed of a second victory this year, but a poor reaction from the start in the most important race meant that he had to settle for fourth place. It is not the worst for an athlete, at least for this athlete. The 31-year-old’s main rival for the bronze medal, Daniel Bewley, had his nerves overwhelmed before the start of his last leg of the leg and hit the line, which put an end to his plans to participate in the play-offs. The competitor of Apator, born in Bydgoszcz, is at the forefront of this competition.

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