Finally, there will be two pensions for widows? The government is talking about changes to the law

When the spouse dies, the senior must choose whether he wants to receive his benefit or the so-called widow’s pension. This is the name of the survivor’s pension, which amounts to 85 percent. deceased spouse’s benefits. For years, seniors have been calling for a change in the regulations and enabling the combination of old-age and survivors’ benefits.

Will there be changes for widows? Draft in the Sejm, the government may change its mind

Left MPs are demanding changes to this system and have already submitted a bill to the Sejm. As politicians explain, the possibility of combining benefits exists in several European countries, for example in Lithuania, Germany and Italy, although in the latter two there is a limit above which part of the deceased spouse’s benefit does not go to the widow or widower. In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, half of the deceased spouse’s pension can be drawn.

People write to the Seym: Pensions are not enough for living

A petition on this matter was also submitted to the Seym. Its author (his data is not disclosed) asks the Sejm to change the regulations.

“Most seniors live alone, receiving low pensions that are not sufficient for their basic needs. They often have to choose whether to buy drugs or pay rent for an apartment, etc. Single-person households are in the worst situation. Widows have a hard time, because they usually have lower income.” benefits from men and after the death of the husband are on the verge of poverty. It is reasonable that widows and widowers should be able to receive, in addition to their benefits, all or part of the retirement pension of the deceased spouse “- writes the petitioner.

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