Filip Luszcz I am. Magik’s son remembers his father. What does it look like?

Filip Luszcz I am.  Magik’s son remembers his father.  What does it look like?

Filip Luszcz I am. Magik’s son remembers his father. What does it look like?

On December 26, 2000, Piotr Łuszcz, known among rap fans as Magik, committed suicide. He orphaned a tiny son, Filip. Today he is a grown man. What does Filip Luszcz look like? What he does? How does he remember his father?

Piotr Luszcz he was a member of two of the most famous Polish hip-hop formations. He was associated with the bands Kaliber 44, with whom he recorded a hit Plus and minusand Paktofonika, where we could hear him in the piece I’m a God. He began to be interested in music in elementary school. As a young boy, he spent all his pocket money on records, as his parents mentioned in one of the interviews.

And I noticed that he is looking at black performers and this kind of music, like hip-hop performed in America. And later, as you could see, when he had some money, he spent it on this type of records, with those performers he observed on MTV. Here you could see that he was interested in this kind of music – his parents recalled in an interview for Magazyn Hip-Hop.

For his fans, Piotr performed under the pseudonym Magik. At a young age, he became a legend and, despite his young age, achieved great success. Music was his passion and way of life. Each year it gained more and more popularity. Together with Paktofonika, he won the Fryderyk award. He was one step away from achieving great commercial success when he committed suicide by jumping from the ninth floor at 6:15 am through the window of his family apartment in Katowice-Bogucice.

Magik’s story has been adapted for the screen. Movie I’m a God in its opening weekend, the film attracted 373,796 people to Polish cinemas. It was the third highest number of viewers between 1992 and 2012. Below is the official trailer.

Magician’s son. What does Filip Luszcz look like?

Piotr left behind his wife Justyna and their little son in mourning Philip. Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the rapper’s death. The son of the Polish hip-hop legend is now an adult. The boy followed in his father’s footsteps. For years he performed under a pseudonym fez and in 2018 he released his debut album Reflection.

In 2020, he reminded himself again, returning with a solo single feedback. He also changed his artistic pseudonym. Now you will find it on the web under the password Is M.

The topic of his father’s death is still very hard for him. This is how he summed up the thread when asked in an interview with one of the journalists:

People are figuring out why he killed himself, how he killed himself, why he did it, why, what kind of person he was in general. Is it really important? The important thing is that he was, was someone and did something, now he’s gone. Topic is closed. Why talk about it. People are always looking for a sensation – he said in an interview with Igor Leśniewski.

In an interview conducted by a youtuber, he also emphasized that he is still working for his name in the world of music:

They can call me a hypocrite now because I’m here talking about it, but… have I done it before? Did I sign the posters “Filip Łuszcz, son of the Magik”? No! – said Fejz at the end of the conversation with Leśniewski.

This is the only interview where after many years Filip decided to tell about his father. It was on his 40th birthday. Below you can see the whole conversation, and in our gallery you will find new photos of Magik’s son.

I’m a God – one of the greatest hits of Paktofonika and Magik:

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