FIFA will cause a storm ?! There is an agreement with the Russians on the World Cup!

FIFA will cause a storm ?! There is an agreement with the Russians on the World Cup!

Money is a sacred thing

FIFA has been causing great controversy with its decisions for years. The federation officials talk about peace and respect for other races, creeds or beliefs. However, when the time comes to verify in the form of a choice: value or money, FIFA always chooses money.

World Cup drenched in blood

Before the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, gestures of opposition to the host country are becoming louder and louder in the football world. Qatar is even a model example of a state that does not respect differences and does not tolerate people with different views than theirs. In addition, it turned out that the construction of football facilities not only cost billions of euros, but also thousands of human lives lost during the construction of stadiums. Despite these many tragedies, FIFA had no problems organizing the most important football tournament in the world.

Propaganda television with the rights to the World Cup

Now, as it turns out, the football organization does not mind selling broadcasting rights to the Russian sports station, which promotes Putin’s criminal policy. As can be presumed, these rights cost a lot of money, which FIFA did not want to give up, despite the meanness that the Kremlin rulers do to the citizens of Ukraine.

The Russian TV station “Match” is well known for its propaganda attitude to the war caused by Vladimir Putin. The station regularly interrupts broadcasts of sports events as various athletes from around the world support Ukraine.

The most important contract and money

There is no doubt that this is another FIFA pebble for which money is of paramount importance, even in such an extreme situation as cooperation with an aggressor country responsible for the deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of defenseless Ukrainian citizens.

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