FIFA decided to play Ecuador in the world championship. There is an official announcement

FIFA will not exclude the Ecuadorian team from the World Cup. The decision in this matter was made by the federation’s appeal committee.

Chile is seeking to exclude Ecuador from the World Cup. The argument is to be played by an unauthorized player Byron Castillo in the qualifying matches.

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Evidence on the case recently presented the daily “Daily Mail”. They include the testimony of the player himself, which he made a few years ago to the Ecuadorian Football Association. They show that the lawyer is an illegal immigrant from Colombia. His real name and date of birth are different from the documents he currently uses. We wrote extensively about it HERE.

However, the evidence did not impress FIFA activists. The Appeals Committee decided to dismiss Chile’s complaint.

– After analyzing the party’s statements and conducting hearings, we confirmed the decision of the disciplinary commission to close the proceedings against the Ecuadorian Football Association. On the basis of the documents presented, the player should be considered as the holder of Ecuadorian citizenship within the meaning of FIFA regulations – we read in the statement.

Interestingly, Castillo himself was not questioned by the appeal committee. The footballer decided that representatives of the Ecuadorian Football Association would speak on his behalf.

However, this does not have to end the case at all. Chile can bring a case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Ecuador will play with the national team of Qatar at the opening of the World Cup. The meeting is scheduled for November 20.

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