FIFA calls for the national team. “Let’s not give lessons in morality, let’s focus on football”

FIFA calls for the national team. “Let’s not give lessons in morality, let’s focus on football”

In view of the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar, protests and declarations regarding human rights violations in the host country are intensifying. Sky Sports published a letter that FIFA sent to all participating federations. World football authorities call for politics to be left in the background.

FIFA calls for the national team.

Qatar undoubtedly does not lead the rankings of countries with the greatest personal freedom. The hosts of the upcoming World Cup are accused of violating human rights, not respecting the rights of minorities, and scandalously bad working conditions for workers working on the construction of infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

Hence, many federations intend to protest against the activities of the Qatari in one way or another. FIFA, however, does not like the growing voices of opposition to Qatar’s policy. Sky Sports got a letter that Gianni Infantino was to send to every federation that would play at the World Cup.

Please let’s focus on football. We know football does not live in a vacuum and we know there are many challenges and political difficulties in the world – we read in the fragment of the letter: – But please do not allow the ball to be dragged into any ideological or political war. At FIFA, we strive to respect all beliefs, and we do so by not teaching the rest of the world a moral lesson. The strength of the world is diversity and respect for it. No nation, culture or country is better than any other. This principle is the foundation of mutual respect and non-discrimination. Let’s remember about it, let football take a key place at this time.


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