FIFA 23 for 29 cents! The company confirmed the error and will continue to purchase players

Epic Games positively surprised all players who ordered the latest EA Sports production at a surprising price. FIFA 23 was available in the Epic Games store for only PLN 0.29 and players will not have to pay extra for production.

For years, errors have been systematically appearing in digital stores, thanks to which players can buy productions at very attractive prices or even download full versions of games for free. However, the companies have adjusted their regulations and even if such a mishap happens, for example, on Steam or PlayStation Store, Sony and Valve can withdraw their purchases.

Epic Games approached the situation in a completely different way – FIFA 23 was available on the Epic Games Store platform for just 5 Indian rupees, which is the equivalent of 29 cents. The situation is interesting in that at this price, you could order FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, which is priced in digital stores for PLN 399.

The players managed to order the production, and although many expected Epic Games to delete the orders and return the aforementioned 58 cents, the corporation decided to honor all purchases. Customers received the following messages:

“We scored a rather spectacular goal when we inadvertently pre-ordered FIFA 23 on the Epic Games Store at the wrong price. We wanted to let you know that we’ll be honoring any pre-order purchases made at this price. ”

It’s hard to say who exactly made the mistake, but players can celebrate as they picked up the awesome FIFA 23 edition for a very good price, which includes a lot of additional content.

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