Ferrari admits it has broken the “iron rule” of motorsport

Ferrari admits it has broken the “iron rule” of motorsport

Ferrari admits it has broken the “iron rule” of motorsport

The team from Maranello amazed everyone when Charles Leclerc was the only one to leave his garage with intermediate tires at the beginning of Q3. The situation resembled last year’s restart of the Hungarian GP, ​​when only Lewis Hamilton was on the grid, and the rest of the field went to the box to change tires.

The Maranello team was hoping that the increasing rain would give his player the best chance at the start of the session to set a good time, but he miscalculated. The track surface, although wet, was covered faster all the time on smooth tires, which was greatly benefited by Kevin Magnussen, who was the first in line to go to the track.

Leclerc was still expressing his dissatisfaction over the radio, informing the team that they would like to talk to their bosses tonight about how to avoid such mishaps in the future.

“We were expecting rain that never came,” said the Monakian. “I will talk to the team and try to understand what we can do better under these conditions. But I am hugely disappointed. We had the pace.”

The Ferrari team also spoke on the matter, saying it was the best way to secure a spot at the top of the field as the weather was variable and track conditions close to the point of tire change. So the team decided to split up the strategy.

If it did rain, Leclerc might have a better chance than drivers riding slicks, as the track’s grip would drop dramatically with each passing minute.

Laurent Mekkies admitted that Ferrari yesterday broke the “iron rule” of motorsport, which says that when the track is dry enough, smooth tires are always chosen. However, the team said the game was worth the risk in such conditions.

“It’s a bit frustrating as both cars moved to Q3 and then we had a difficult choice of tires,” said Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies. “On the one hand, we had a dry track all the time. We also have a rule of thumb that we should take the track when it is dry. On the other hand, we were expecting it to rain immediately. For this reason, we decided to split the strategies of our cars.”

Mekies admitted that Ferrari had accepted in advance that one of its drivers would be dissatisfied after qualifying, but said the award was worth the sacrifice.

“We knew from the beginning that when the cars were on the track, depending on when it was raining, one of our drivers would be pleased and the other would not. It did.”

“The rain was probably a minute or two late for Charles, and for Carlos it was the perfect time as he was second on the track. Here it is: we have P5s and P10s. This is just the beginning of a very long weekend.”


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