FC Barcelona has selected a possible successor to Xavi. The club is already planning the future

FC Barcelona has selected a possible successor to Xavi. The club is already planning the future

Xavi Hernandez remains the Barcelona coach. However, “Sport” daily reported that the club has already selected a coach who could potentially take over the team in the future.

Xavi made his way to Camp Nou again in the middle of the previous season. He then took the team that was in the middle of the table, but led them to the runner-up at the end of the season.

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Xavi’s work is overshadowed by the performances of his pupils in the European arena. “Barca” for the second year in a row failed to get out of the Champions League group.

Despite the defeat in the Champions League, the club does not intend to say goodbye to the current coach. Xavi himself admitted in a recent press conference that he feels supported by the board of directors, but if he doesn’t lead the team to trophies this season, he will understand the need to change.

The Catalan media also emphasizes that Barcelona are planning the near future with Xavi. At the same time, the club highly values ​​the work of Mikel Arteta, who is successfully running Arsenal. “Gunners” under his leadership represent an excellent level, as evidenced by the leadership of the Premier League.

Arteta feels good at Arsenal and Xavi is expected to spend the next few years in Barcelona. But the club has already picked this name for the future. Arteta meets all the conditions to be a strong candidate to take over “Blaugrana” in the future – we read in the daily “Sport”.

The argument for Arteta’s candidacy is not only his workshop, but also his past in Barcelona. When looking for options for a coaching bench, “Blaugrana” usually chooses the managers who were once her players. In addition, Arteta collected coaching skills under the supervision of Pep Guardiola, who remains a point of reference for subsequent coaches at Camp Nou.

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