FC Barcelona. Guardiola’s co-worker crows with delight over Robert Lewandowski. “Five times wonderful”

A colleague of Pep Guardiola assessed Robert Lewandowski’s move from Bayern to Barcelona. Manuel Estiarte is delighted with this transfer.

The case of the 61-year-old is interesting. Although Estiarte has been in Pep Guardiola’s staff for years and works with him in Manchester City, as an athlete he had nothing to do with football. He practiced water polo. In water polo, he even won a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

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– In the first weeks of working in football, I was surprised by many things: the environment, journalists, lies. However, I was learning to do my best job Estiarte said.

The Spaniard in Manchester City can closely follow Erling Haaland’s development. He pays attention not only to his physical abilities, but also to his mentality.

– He’s a man of the North. He accepts things calmly: there are no great symptoms of happiness and sorrow. Has very good emotional stability – emphasizes Estiarte.

Haaland’s move to Manchester City was one of the loudest events of the last transfer window. When asked about the assessment of Robert Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona, ​​Estiarte answered very decisively.

– It is obvious. Lewandowski is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, five times great transfer Estiarte said.

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