Father Diablo will support the free Torchlight Infinite in the fight against Diablo Immortal

Image Source: Steam / Torchlight: Infinite.

The sail-developing competitor of the free Diablo Immortalalso distributed in the free-to-play network hack’n’slash model Torchlight: Infiniteaccording to an announcement in October 2022, it will be made available for open beta-tests to all interested PC and mobile players.

A few weeks before that, he was responsible for this title XD Entertainment studio informedthat his ranks were joined by David Brevik – “father” Diablowhich in the early 1990s brought Blizzard Entertainment an idea for series and played key roles in the production of its first two hits. He left the “Blizzard” in 2003.

I’m joining the team Torchlight: Infinite as a consulting producer, together we will create the best hack’n’slash ever!

Are the creators of Diablo Immortal have anything to fear? We will see soon because open beta tests Torchlight: Infinite will begin on October 12. XD Entertainment ensures that it will use David Brevik’s knowledge and perspective as a player to best develop his game. A warm welcome to the last project of ‘Father Diablo“, that is It Lurks Belowinspires you with optimism and brings you a promise to follow Torchlight: Infinite in his footsteps. Let’s just hope that the game’s quality will also be followed by its popularity.

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