Fans were delighted with the photo of Arkadiusz Milik’s girlfriend. Comments crashed

Arkadiusz Milik was associated with Jessica Ziółek for almost 10 years. However, the couple broke up and each of them is now resuming their lives. Ziółek’s fiancé is the goalkeeper of Lech Poznań, Miłosz Mleczko, who is four years younger than her. In turn, Milik meets Agata Sieramska, an influencer known on the Internet as Agatycze.

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Fans were delighted with the photo of Arkadiusz Milik’s girlfriend

Agata Sieramska is very active on the web, and she posts many photos and recordings on her Instagram profile. Some of them concern training, and some of them, for example, private life. Each entry is usually commented on by numerous fans, and Sieramska has many of them. Her profile on Instagram is watched by over 130 thousand. users.

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This time, Arkadiusz Milik’s girlfriend published a photo from one of Juventus Turin meetings on the web. Agata Sieramska was sitting in the stands then, wearing the club jersey of the team played by Milik.

There were a lot of fan comments under the photo. “You are beautiful, so natural”, “This smile of yours”, “Beautiful”, “Miracle”, “Charming” – Internet users wrote. There were also compliments in Italian. “Bellissima” [pl. piękna — przyp. red.] – they wrote.


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