Fallen Dynasty is “a really hard game.” The devs are excited to add the title to Xbox Game Pass

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will premiere early next year. From the day of its debut, the production will be available in an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which is a very interesting experience for Team Ninja developers.

Microsoft is preparing for several high-profile premieres in the Xbox Game Pass subscription and one of the productions that will go to the service on the day of release is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The Japanese from Team Ninja had not previously offered their XGP games since launch, but in this case Koei Tecmo trusted the American corporation and decided to take the opportunity.

The MP1st editorial team at TGS 2022 interviewed Fumihiko Yasuda (director of Nioh 2 and producer Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty) and during the discussion a question was asked about the Xbox Game Pass – the creator did not hide his interest in the Microsoft service:

P: Wo Long will be available in Game Pass from the day of its release. What made the team decide to go for Game Pass and how, if at all, did the team benefit?

Yasuda: This is our first premiere on Xbox Game Pass. We’re making a really, really tough game and we’re not sure what everyone will think of it, but with its release on Game Pass debut day, many players who may have never played such games before will have a chance to do so and we’ll get even more players. around the world than ever before. So this is a big news for us at Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja and we are very excited about it. We also think it will be a really great multiplayer solution where you will be able to play with so many people and it will really increase the number of people that will be able to join your group and take on the bosses. “

As you can see, Fumihiko Yasuda expects that the Xbox Game Pass will help the game increase the interest among players and the representative of Team Ninja already expects great popularity of the production.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be a really difficult game, so adding items to the subscription may also make the adventure begin for people who do not spend their free time on very demanding titles.

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