“Extreme Impact”. Wedel’s boss says it straight

“Even if the increase in the cost of electricity will not be tenfold, but five or sixfold, this is an extreme impact that will surely be felt by any industry. We are talking about costs in the order of tens of millions of zlotys per year for one food factory “- he tells the service Maciej Herman, managing director of Lotte Wedel.

As Herman notes, “the rates of increase in the costs of production, raw materials, energy, etc. are at their highest since the beginning of the 1990s.”

The head of Wedel was asked by the journalists of “Wyborcza” how much the price increases in chocolate should be.

“In the case of our industry, it should be the government of about 50 percent. It is known, however, that such an increase would stop or at best significantly limit sales. The Polish consumer’s wallet would simply not withstand such a procedure. So the increases are currently double-digit: several to 25 percent. ” Says Herman.

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