Exports to Russia fell by half, but we still ship goods there. Several industries even have a harvest

According to GUS statistics Polish exports to Russia in July this year. amounted to PLN 1.7 billion and it was by 45 percent. less than a year earlier. Counting in the dollar, it is up to 53 percent. less. As a result, Russia fell to the 18th place among the recipients of goods manufactured in our country, although it was seventh a year ago.

There are industries where we export to Russia almost reset. Export of data processing machines, mainly processorswhich in July last year. brought companies from Poland 106 million PLN, this year in the same month it amounted to just over 50 thousand. zloty. Last year, exported car bodies had worth PLN 48 million, and currently only PLN 440 thousand. zloty. Sales of tires to Russia dropped from PLN 40 million a year ago in July to 85 thousand. in current year.

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