Explosions near the Nord Stream pipelines. The media shows how Russia could have done it

  • Among the scenarios, the diary indicates that such an operation may have been carried out by divers, but that their operations would have been hampered by sea currents.
  • He also believes that Vladimir Putin might not choose to use submarines for such an operation due to diplomatic consequences
  • Sabotage could also be carried out by underwater drones transporting explosives
  • As the Daily Telegraph writes, it is possible that we will never know the exact cause of the pipeline damage
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On Monday, the Nord Stream pipelines from Russia to Germany were interrupted in three places in the vicinity of the Danish island of Bornholm. Danish authorities said the cause was deliberate action, and explosions had occurred near the pipelines.

Gas leaks from submarine pipelines are rare. Three at the same time strongly suggest that there has been a sabotagebut how could it be carried out? – asks the question of the British daily.

“It is possible that such an operation was carried out by divers, but their activities would be hampered by sea currents; in addition, it would be easy to observe the unit insuring divers, regardless of whether it was a submarine or a surface ship,” writes the Daily Telegraph.

However, Russian submarines are well-trained in this type of operation, and for decades have practiced these skills by “examining” submarine telecommunications cables that run across the North Atlantic, the newspaper said. He adds that the navy of the former USSR was already known for such actions, a despite the defeats of the Russian army in UkraineRussia’s recently modernized submarine fleet is considered a significant force.

“It is estimated that the Russian Belgorod spy submarine used by the Main Deep Sea Exploration Directorate (GUGI) is capable of disrupting underwater communications. If it can do so with cables, why not with pipelines?” – the journal draws attention.

However, he estimates that Russian President Vladimir Putin he might not choose to use submarines for such an operation, due to the diplomatic ramifications, should this be discovered.

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Sabotage could also have been carried out by underwater drones transporting explosives or some type of depth charge. It is possible that we will never know the exact cause of the damage to the pipelines, says the Daily Telegraph.

An explosive charge that would break the pipelineit wouldn’t have to be very big. Modern sea mines can also be detonated in response to a pre-programmed acoustic signature. The cargo could therefore wait months for a signal from a nearby – but still quite far from the explosion site – a “friendly” unit or an electronic device dropped from the plane “- writes the newspaper.

“Three small charges may have been placed 70 meters under the water, near the pipelines a few months ago, maybe when the world’s attention was focused on the events around the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant or the atrocities discovered in Buk. Maybe it happened when we watched the Winter Olympics in China? ” – the journal speculates.

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