Explosions in Russia near the border with Ukraine. The ammunition warehouse is on fire [WIDEO]

A video showing a fire in an ammunition store was made available, among others, by advisor to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, Anton Heraszchenko.

Other shots that appear on social media show clouds of thick smoke, which may indicate more explosions in the ammunition store or an intensification of the fire.

“Russia’s war is coming back to Russia,” comments Bilda journalist Julian Röpcke on the outbreaks in Timonov.

Belgorod is located in the western part of the Russian Federation, about 700 km south of Moscow, only 40 km from the border with Ukraine. It has about 400 thousand. residents. The city is nearby Kharkiv, for which fierce battles have been fought since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Since the beginning of the war, an explosion has occurred in the city and the Belgorod region in Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities are constantly warning that these may be provocations from Russia – operations under a “false flag” that would justify further attacks and shelling at Ukrainian cities.

The first explosions in Belgorod took place in early March.

In early April, recordings of another explosion recorded near Belgorod appeared in the media. Oil tanks were on fire.

The Russian website RBC, quoting the words of the head of the region, Vyacheslav Gładkov, reported that the fire at the Belgorod oil base was caused by a raid by two helicopters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They flew into the territory of Russia at a low altitude.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has denied information provided by the Russian authorities that “Ukrainian troops have struck oil tanks in Belgorod”.

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