Explosion on the beach in the Odessa region. They ignored the warnings [WIDEO]

Everything happened on Sunday, August 14, in the vicinity of the “Ruta” holiday resort in the small town of Zatoka, located on the Black Sea.

An explosion on a beach near Odessa

“On one of the beaches of the Odessa region, in the BiƂgorod-Dnistrovsk district, in the coastal waters, two people died as a result of the explosion of an unknown device, and one was injured” – reported the South operational command on the Telegram channel.

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According to preliminary data, a dozen or so men do ongoing right next to the war decided to relax on the sun-drenched beach. They ignored numerous warnings about visiting the coast and swimming in coastal waters due to the danger of being mined by Russian saboteurs.

“During the explosion of an unknown device, two were killed on the spot, one was injured,” the operational command reported.

Ambulance service specialists, explosives experts and an investigative and operational team worked at the scene.

Ukrainian beaches will not be safe for a long time

On Monday morning, social media circulated a video of security cameras installed on the beach that they captured the moment of the explosion and the subsequent panic that the sunbathers fell into.

According to data obtained by journalists from the portal “Suspilne”, the victims are two construction workers.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to sunbathe, walk along the coast, and swim in the sea and other water reservoirs in Ukraine. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to this.

A similar situation occurred in mid-June. The authorities then informed about the death of an Odessa resident who decided to swim in the sea. The explosion also occurred after entering the water.

(Sources: Interfax Ukraina, Suspilne)

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