Explosion at the airport near Pskov. Russian helicopters destroyed

Explosion at the airport near Pskov. Russian helicopters destroyed

Two more helicopters were seriously damaged, Ukrainian intelligence reported. The explosion took place on the night of Sunday to Monday.

The value of one helicopter is about $ 16 million. – indicated the Ukrainians in a press release.

Unofficial information about the explosion at a Russian airport and the destruction of helicopters appeared on Monday in Russian channels on Telegram.

These are not the only explosions at the Russian military base in recent days. Saturday morning in Sevastopol, Crimea, which is the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, explosions were heard. The Ukrainian portal reported that the bay between the northern and southern parts of the city was closed to shipping. Russian propaganda media stated that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet “are repelling the drone attack” – reported the service.

The Ukrainian operational command South said in an official statement that it could not confirm the reports of the destruction of three Russian ships carrying the Kalibr maneuvering missiles. Russia said there had been a “terrorist attack” i announced that it was withdrawing from the so-called the Cereal Initiative concerning the transport of food from Ukrainian ports.

Unconfirmed reports in Ukrainian social media mentioned the Admiral Makarov missile frigate as one of the ships that exploded. It is one of the three frigates of the project 11356R / M (Admirał Grigorowicz). The twin units Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorowicz took part in the Russian intervention in Syria, conducting fire with the use of Kalibr cruise missiles.

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