Exchange rates. What to do with euros and dollars? Experts suggest

Observing the situation on the market in recent weeks, a relative stabilization of the euro and dollar exchange rates can be noticed. Previously, the fluctuations were much greater. So the question is, isn’t it a good time, for example, to get rid of foreign currencies and make possible profits? Especially in the case of people who took advantage of the lower rates before the start of the holiday season and in the first days of the war.

Not so long ago, you could buy the euro for 4.60 or even 4.50 zlotys. On Tuesday, the exchange rate exceeded PLN 4.70.

There is a much bigger difference in the US currency. In February, the dollar was below PLN 4, and at the beginning of June around PLN 4.30. Now it is equal to the euro, and even slightly above it.

The zloty remains under pressure

The decisive factor for the zloty in the near future will be inflation trends in the world, and less in Poland. They will directly influence the movements of foreign central banks, mainly American and European ones, but also, for example, a Czech bank. If inflation there continues at high levels and rates continue to rise, they must go up in Poland as well – Łukasz Wardyn, an expert at CMC Markets, indicates in an interview with Business Insider.

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