Exchange rates – strong dollar, reasons for the market situation.

Polish currency in serious trouble. Downs. The dollar is strengthening, it breaks records against the euro, which is weakening. And although it seems that this is not our currency, it is definitely our problem. The Swiss franc also records real records. There are several reasons for this, war is only one of them. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

It is a historic week in the currency market. The dollar outclassed the euro. – The American currency in relation to the euro is the most expensive in over 20 years – noted Bartosz Sawicki, financial market analyst at

– The dollar is still there, it sounds clichéd, but it is still a safe haven – added Marek Tejchman, deputy editor-in-chief of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

US dollar to euro exchange rate 2002-2022TVN24 / STOOQ.PL

Looking at the chart from the beginning of the existence of the EU money, i.e. from 2002, the dollar has never been so strong, and the euro has never been so weak.

– Clearly the prospects of the economies the euro area, especially German, are worse than American, said economist Marek Zuber. – Firstly, he has a war on the doorstep, secondly he cannot cope with inflationand thirdly, the strength of a currency is generally a reflection of, firstly, the current strength of the economy, and secondly, what investors around the world think about the future strength of a given economy, added economic journalist Maciej Samcik from “Subjectively about finance”.

The specter of an energy crisis

And European entrepreneurs are faced with the specter of the energy crisis. Without energy, there is no production, everything stands still. Europeans do not earn money, they are getting poorer. This is the black script that I am writing to us here Vladimir Putin. America is far from this problem, across the ocean.

– It’s an economy that is based on its own resources, because America is energy self-sufficient – said Samcik. And energy and new technologies are something that is increasingly missing on the Old Continent. – The European economy has many very strong foundations, but it is not strong in the most modern areas. America is the king – emphasized Marek Tejchman.

And while the Kremlin’s return to the monetary king accelerated, something economists and analysts had expected has happened. – Putin had a huge impact on accelerating the trend, but they are also long-lasting – added the deputy editor-in-chief of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

Because “common” Europe is economically and politically divided. – As of today, there are hardly any factors that would make Europe suddenly regain its splendor – said Samcik.

“The most interesting story is watching the zloty and the Czech koruna separate”

and although this is not our currency, it is our most problem. – The Polish economy is one of the group most closely related to the economic situation in the euro area – said Bartosz Sawicki, an analyst of financial markets at So the common EU currency is dragging the zloty to the bottom. Government policy is not helping.

– For me, the most interesting story is watching how the zloty and the Czech koruna separate. And this is quite a sad story, because the crown has never been so strong to the zloty as recently. The Czech economy is more stable and predictable – commented Marek Tejchman.

According to economist Marek Zuber, Poland’s policy is “to dig a rock”. – Worse and worse information, we are arguing with the European Union, we are introducing some changes here, we are hitting investors – he added.

Although in 2020 we heard that the National Bank of Poland was deliberately weakening the zloty, that it was supposed to pay off for the Poles, now we are more and more painfully aware that the weak zloty means not only more expensive foreign holidays. The Swiss Franc is the most expensive ever.

Euro / dollar / Swiss franc to zloty exchange rate in 2022TVN24 / STOOQ.PL

– We go abroad every day, going to the store. Please look at the shelves in stores, at your purchases, how much of the goods we buy have an import contribution in them – noted Tejchman.

– If you look at the contents of what you have in your apartments, it will surely turn out that most of the most valuable things are things bought for euros or dollars – added Samcik.

In dollars, we also pay for oil, i.e. for gas at the station. – If fuel is expensive at gas stations, everything will be expensive because fuel price it is included in everything we buy in stores – emphasized Samcik.

So a weak zloty is a vision of the next months with record inflation.

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