Ewa Chodakowska let the cameras into her own home for the first time

Ewa Chodakowska let the cameras into her own home for the first time

Ewa Chodakowska divides her life into two houses. One of them is in Poland, the other in Greece, where her husband Lefteris Kavoukis comes from. The trainer invited the Dzien Dobry TVN cameras to show the four corners arranged in Warsaw to a sincere audience for the first time. By the way, she answered a few questions from journalist Mateusz Hładki.

Ewa Chodakowska’s house – what does it look like?

ewa Chodakowska she did not hide that the visit of the Dzien Dobry TVN cameras in her two-story apartment located in Warsaw was very emotional for her.

– I’m letting the team in here for the first time in my life she noted at the outset. – Home is my asylum. This is my harmony, silence. I work here, I create here, I read here, so everything is here – she added.

The apartment of the popular trainer is neat and tidy, but the nature of the star is quite different. “I’m a mess, and I’ll admit it, but I can’t work in chaos, so I have to be organized.” The only place in the house that is really messy is my wardrobe and there is always a mess there – revealed Chodakowska.

In Mateusz Hładki’s material, she presented, among others: dining room decorated with an imposing bookcase with interesting titles, cozy living room with a fireplace, boudoir with underwear displayed on hangers, bedroom with a large and comfortable double bed, preserved in golden shades bathroom and located on the upper floor gyms.

I don’t think I’ll surprise anyone. I need a space like this in my home. Yes, all training takes place here. I don’t go to the fitness club and I think I’m also proving that you can do it at home. My materials are specially prepared so as not to leave the house and achieve success – announced the star.

You can see Ewa Chodakowska’s apartment in our video.

“Short ball with Ewa Chodakowska”. What did the coach want to be when she was a child?

Reporter Dzien Dobry TVN Mateusz Hładki asked her a few short and specific questions about her private life during a visit to Ewa Chodakowska’s house. Is there anything a fitness trainer would like to change about herself?

“That probably won’t sound good, because I like everything about myself.” I like carefreeness, the joy of an inner child that I explore all the time, that allows me to enjoy the smallest, simple things. (…) If I had changed something, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And I like this place, I’m fulfilled, I’m happy. I wouldn’t change anything. And both my disadvantages and advantages were needed here she confessed.

She also shared her childhood memories in front of the cameras. What career path did she want to take then? I didn’t have any specific dreams. I loved singing, but I had no future in it. I knew that I would definitely do things that would give me satisfaction – she assured.

Does Ewa Chodakowska train with her husband on a daily basis? You will find the answer in our video.

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Author:Berenika Olesinska

Main photo source: Good morning TVN

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