European Union, energy prices. EU ministers will try to remedy high energy prices. Anna Moscow comments

An extraordinary meeting of EU ministers responsible for energy in their respective governments takes place in Brussels on Friday. Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa announced that she would submit a motion to include maximum gas prices on the agenda of the meeting.

– There will be no formal votes today. There will be a discussion again, with the hope that the European Commission will adopt a general position. We, as Poland, feel that we have done a lot at our own level, said Anna Moskwa, the Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, before the meeting began.

15 European Union countries, including Poland, sent a joint letter to the European Commission on Tuesday, in which they demanded the introduction of a price cap on wholesale gas transactions in the EU. The letter, apart from Poland, was signed by: BelgiumBulgaria CroatiaFrance, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

EU gas price cap. There is a position of the European Commission

However, it does not provide for a limit on gas prices in its planned solutions the European Commission.

– Big disappointment, because in this proposal that appeared on the table there is nothing about gas prices. Recently, this proposal has been supported by 15 countries. There are also 15 countries under the letter that we have prepared together. (…) Many countries did not sign their signature, but they also support this proposal, Moscow said.

She added that there was a meeting on this matter on Friday morning. – We have counted very carefully and we have the majority. Today, if the proposal was on the table, the maximum price for gas would be supported by most European countries without unnecessary discussion. We will initially submit a formal request to include this in the order. We have ready proposals – explained the minister.

EU Energy Commissioner: Europe faces energy blackmail from Russia

– Europe is facing energy blackmail from Russia, and the global demand for gas exceeds the supply. To meet this challenge, we must work along the entire supply chain. First, we need to act at the points where gas enters our market. We are negotiating with our proven pipeline gas suppliers. If this does not bring results, it is possible to introduce a price cap, said EU energy commissioner Kadri Simpson on Thursday, announcing the ministerial meeting.

– Russia is not a reliable partner. In fact, it is at the root of the problem. And we are deeply convinced that we need a price cap for all Russian gas imports at a level at which exports to Europe will still be attractive to them, she added.

What decisions can you expect?

At Friday’s meeting of ministers, it is possible to introduce taxation on windfall profits for energy companies. As EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski explained in an earlier interview with PAP, on September 14 the Commission presented a package of various measures aimed at reducing energy prices. It also includes the so-called solidarity fee, which Member States will be able to deduct from excessive profits of energy companies, i.e. more than 20 percent. compared to the average profits of the last three years.

The “solidarity fee” – if introduced – will be able to be collected as early as 2022 and transferred to energy consumers who are affected by the increase in costs.

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