Euronet reduces the limit of one-time withdrawals at ATMs

Euronet Polska lowers the limit of a one-time cash withdrawal from PLN 1,000 to PLN 800. As the company’s press office reported in a statement sent to TVN24 Biznes, the lower limit was introduced due to the growing costs of maintaining ATMs.

“We would like to inform you that our network currently has a one-time cash withdrawal limit of PLN 800 from all ATMs and cash-in-ATMs of Euronet Polska for every card, contactless and BLIK transaction” – the Euronet Polska press office informed.

So far – according to the information posted on the company’s website – the limit of a one-off transaction was PLN 1,000. “The limit was introduced to provide the largest possible number of customers with access to cash in the Euronet network,” it was reported.

Euronet introduces a lower withdrawal limit

In a statement sent to TVN24 Biznes it was explained that the new “limit was introduced due to the rising costs of ATM maintenance, which significantly exceed revenues from local ATM transactions”.

“The rates we receive from payment organizations and banks do not cover the costs of servicing withdrawals, and the situation is worsened by recent cost increases related to macroeconomic factors beyond our control. The introduction of the limit will make it possible to maintain a constant level of cash in devices, which will translate into their acceptable availability in a given location “- it was written.

It was also added that “the limit does not apply to customers of banks that provide higher withdrawal limits for their customers on the basis of the bank’s bilateral agreements with Euronet”.

The portal was the first to announce the lower limit of a one-off payment in the Euronet network.

The data from the industry portal shows that at the end of 2021 there were about 21,000 ATMs in Poland, of which about 7,000 belonged to the Euronet network. Planet Cash, owned by ITCARD, ranks second in the list of the largest ATM networks in Poland.

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