Energy prices are rising day by day. The chart shot out!

  • For several days, new records of electricity prices have been listed on the Polish Power Exchange
  • The price of energy with delivery on POLPX next year has reached over 2.5 thousand. zloty. A little over a year ago, it was PLN 360
  • Even if we see a drop in prices in the coming weeks, e.g. by a half, it will still mean a fourfold increase compared to previous years – warns the expert
  • We will feel the rising prices by paying for services and goods
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

Still on Thursday the price of energy with delivery in 2023 was 2 thousand. PLN 166.29 per MWh, on Friday it jumped by a lot, to 2 thousand. PLN 547.10 – says the Polish Power Exchange. The chart presented there clearly shows that the price is rising almost every day. How are the increases shaped? On June 27, the price of energy for the next year was PLN 1,000. PLN 141, and on August 1 already 1 thousand. PLN 605. Later it continued to grow gradually.

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