End of holiday promotions at petrol stations. Are we facing sharp price increases?

In the coming week, a possible surge in diesel prices – analysts of the e-petrol.pl portal forecast. They remind you of the approaching end of holiday promotions.

In the period between August 29 and September 4 we expect a jump in the price of diesel fuel to the level of 7.44-7.61 PLN per liter – indicated by analysts of the portal on Friday.

As they estimate, it is a direct consequence of what is happening with diesel in wholesale. And there, in turn, it is part of the wider problem of difficulties in supplying the European market with this fuel – largely imported from Russia. During the period of increased holiday demand and problems related, for example, to the low water level on the Rhine, which paralyzes German fuel transport, the problem of an expensive diesel can grow.

They stated that in the case of gasoline and autogas, we can talk about a much less complicated situation. They added that we will say goodbye to the holidays with prices at the level of 7.42-7.58 per liter Pb98, while the popular The 95 will cost between PLN 6.53-6.66 / l. Autogas will remain close to the current levels in the near future, amounting to PLN 3.14-3.23 / l.

E-petrol analysts reminded that the coming days are the last refueling opportunity with holiday discounts, which have been introduced by large station networks on the Polish market. It is worth using it, because there are no suggestions that holiday discounts in fuel networks could be extended in their current form. The opportunity to reduce the amount of the bill may expire in a moment.

The portal points out that Saudi Arabia and the possibility of cutting production under OPEC + signaled by it had a decisive influence on the direction of changes in the oil market. This prospect translated into an increase in the quotations of the raw material on the London oil exchange, which on Thursday set local highs above the level of USD 102. On Friday morning, the price of a barrel of Brent crude hovers around $ 100.

He added that according to Saudi Arabia investors do not fully see the risks related to the tense situation on the market for physical supplies of crude oil, and this discrepancy between the market fundamentals and the situation on the crude oil exchanges is well illustrated by the fall in Brent crude oil prices to the level of USD 90, observed last week. In this situation, the Saudis signaled the possibility mining cuts by OPEC +making it clear what the current price ceiling is accepted by producers.

As they pointed out, according to market observers, such a reduction in production is unlikely in the near future, and if it is successful, it will rather be a reaction to the agreement with Iran.

This is the perspective return to the Iranian oil market suppresses the appetite for increases in the oil market. The negotiations are ongoing, but in recent days there have been signs of hope for a positive conclusion.

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