Emma Thompson found out about her husband’s cheating. “I was completely blind”

Emma Thompson found out about her husband’s cheating. “I was completely blind”

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“I was totally, totally blind to the fact that [Kenneth] he had relationships with other women on set, “Thompson told The New Yorker.” What I have learned is how easy it is to be blinded by my own desire to cheat myself, “the actress continued.

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The British added that she was only “half alive” when she and Branagh decided to divorce in 1995. “Any feeling of being loved or lovable has completely disappeared,” she said.

The former spouses met on the set of the series “Koleje Warszawy” in the late 1980s and he won it by singing during a break at work. “I burst into tears because he sounded exactly like my father,” recalled Emma.

The actors, who were once dubbed the “Golden Couple” by the British press, got married two years after their first meeting. Thompson said, however, that she was “embarrassed to a large extent” by their loud nickname. “We were by no means like that. I don’t think we wanted to be some kind of power couple, and we certainly didn’t feel like her. We were also ridiculed and ridiculed – it’s fair if you’re famous and overpaid – but it’s not fun,” she added. .

While the breakup was painful for her, Thompson eventually moved on with Greg Wise, a colleague on the set of “Sense and Sensibility.” As she recalled, the beloved “picked up the pieces and put them back together”. The couple raised their adopted son Tindyebwa Agab and biological daughter Gaia Romilly together.

In 2018, the actress revealed in The Sunday Times that she had long forgiven both Branagh and Carter, who had spent five years together. “You can’t stifle something like this. It’s pointless. I don’t have the energy for it,” she admitted. “Helena and I made peace years ago. She is a wonderful woman” – commented the British woman, who used her difficult experiences while working on the film “This is Love”. The scene when her character discovers her husband’s infidelity is one of the most touching in the history of cinema.

Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh
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