Emily Ratajkowski comments on the scandal with Adam Levin. She didn’t bite her tongue

Recall that Adam Levine he is the husband of a famous model Behati Prinsloowith whom she has two daughters and now the couple are expecting their third child.

The gossip media circulated information from the 23-year-old model and tiktoker Sumner Strohwho claims to be the 43-year-old leader of the group Maroon 5 he had an affair with her, and as proof she showed on social media screens of messages she was supposed to receive from Levine.

We can read on RadarOnline that the star was supposed to give Sumner VIP tickets to his concert in Austin, Texas. The model sat in the front row, she also took her mother and friend to the event. The evening before the concert, Levine would meet Stroh at the hotel.

Now three more women claim that the singer flirted with them online. Alyson Rosef she called on other girls to divulge Levine’s messages. “I feel sorry for his wife – no one deserves to be treated like this,” she said.

Since the outbreak of the scandal, Levine only published a short statement in the Instagram report. The singer denied having an affair, but confessed to “crossing the line in a deplorable period in his life”. So far, Behati Prinsloo has not commented on media reports in any way. Paparazzi took photos together, spending time with their children on a walk.

On TikToku, she commented on the matter Emily Ratajkowski, model and actress. The star called Levine’s relationship with Stroh (but did not mention her surname) as “a distorted power dynamics”, calling the singer himself a predator and manipulator.

“I don’t understand why we continue to blame women on men. Especially when we are talking about a 20-year-old who meets a man twice as old with a certain position and power,” she wrote.

“If you are in such a relationship, you are obligated to be loyal. So all saying that they are both guilty is wrong and only serves to quarrel women with each other,” she continued.

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