Elizabeth II is dead. King Charles III’s message, service at St. Paul, meeting of the House of Commons

The message of the new King Charles III, a solemn service in the Cathedral of St. Paul, as well as the meeting of the House of Commons – these are the highlights of the historic Friday, the first full day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. All the more official events were also accompanied by smaller, spontaneous ones, such as laying flowers in numerous places with which the monarch was associated.

Friday is the first day on which the rule over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Northern Ireland is no longer held by Elizabeth II, who died Thursday at the Scottish Balmoral Castle at the age of 96. People put flowers and souvenirs in many places the Queen was associated with, including London in front of Buckingham Palace and the gate of Balmoral Castle.

The British mourn the death of the queen

Retired soldiers remember the queenReuters

King Charles III’s message

On Friday, the first message to the nation, as King Charles III, was delivered by Elizabeth’s eldest son.

King Charles III’s message to the nation

– Throughout her life, Her Majesty, the Queen, my wonderful mother, was an inspiration and an example for me and for my whole family, said Charles III. He indicated that Elizabeth II “made sacrifices for the sake of duty” and her devotion to the service was unwavering. “I pay tribute to my mother’s memory and pay tribute to her life of service,” he added. – I solemnly swear that for all the time that God will give me, I will uphold the constitutional principles that lie in the heart of our nation – he emphasized. He informed that henceforth his elder son, heir to the throne Prince William and his wife, Duchess Katethey will bear the title of prince and duchess Wales.

Complete message of King Charles III

Complete message of King Charles IIIReuters

Solemn service in the cathedral of St. Paul

In the evening in London’s St. Paul, there was a solemn service. There was no one in the temple royal family, but were present, among others, Prime Minister Liz Trussher deputy Therese Coffey, opposition leader Keir Starmer and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as well as the 2,000 people who managed to get tickets to the service in the morning.

Truss read an excerpt from St. Paul the Apostle to the Romans, beginning with the words: “None of us lives for himself, and no one dies for himself: for if we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord. And so in life and in death we belong to the Lord. For this is why Christ died and came back to life, that he might reign over the dead and the living.

Subjects waiting in line at St. Paul, where the service took place after the death of the queenTOLGA AKMEN / EPA / PAP

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, emphasized Elizabeth II’s “extraordinary Christian faith” and pointed out that Jesus Christ was “a source and a well from which she drew deeply.” If Christ was her anchor, her husband, the late Prince Philip, was, in her own words, the strength and mainstay of Her Majesty. However, even in the depths of her own mourning, we saw once again her courage and instinct to put the needs of others first, she said.

She also drew attention to the exceptionally long reign of Elizabeth II, whom she described as “an extraordinary constant in the life of millions”.

“God save the king”

At the end, the blessing was given by the highest priest of the Church England, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, and then the assembly sang the national anthem in the version valid from Thursday. For the first time in over 70 years, a hymn was sung with the modified words “God save the king” instead of “God save the queen”. It was his first official performance, though people who gathered outside Buckingham Palace spontaneously chanted it several times on Friday, when the new King Charles III first visited him.

During the service at the Cathedral of St.  Paul's hymn sounded with modified words "God save the king"

During the service at the Cathedral of St. Paul’s anthem with the modified words “God save the king”Reuters

House of Commons meeting

On Friday, the House of Commons met to pay tribute to Elizabeth II. The meeting will continue on Saturday.

British MPs gathered in the House of Commons to pay tribute to Elizabeth IIUK PARLIAMENT / JESSICA TAYLOR / EPA

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died September 8 at the Scottish Balmoral Castle at the age of 96. She has sat on the throne for over 70 years – longer than any British monarch in history. After her death, her son, King Charles III, became the new monarch.


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