Elizabeth II is dead. King Charles III and the queen’s other children watched over the coffin with her body

The children of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II, including King Charles III of Great Britain, took part in the vigil at the coffin with her body, which is on display in St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. From late Monday afternoon until Tuesday 3pm, anyone can pay tribute to the deceased Queen by walking past the coffin displayed in the cathedral.

During a ceremony that lasted about 10 minutes, called the Dukes’ Vigil, her four children – King Charles III, Princess Anna, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – stood silently on the four sides of the coffin. The ceremony was held on Monday evening.

Princess Anna became the first woman to participate in this ceremony – so far only men from the royal family have participated in the vigil. When the Queen’s mother’s funeral was held 20 years ago, the vigil was attended by Charles, Andrzej and Edward, as well as David Armstrong-Jones, the only son of Elizabeth II’s younger sister, Princess Margaret.

Procession with the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Edinburgh PAP / EPA / TOLGA AKMEN

Anyone can pay tribute to the Queen

It was somewhat surprising that the passage of ordinary people near the coffin was not stopped during the Monday’s vigil of the princes. From Monday afternoon until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, anyone can pay homage to the deceased Queen by walking past the coffin displayed in Saint Giles’ Cathedral. British media reported on Monday evening that the queue stretched for over 1.5 kilometers and numbered around 20,000 people.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Queen’s coffin will be flown to Edinburgh Airport and from there by flight to RAF Northolt in west London and then to Buckingham Palace.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / TOLGA AKMEN

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