Elizabeth II is dead. Kamila, wife of King Charles III – will she be a princess or a queen? What title will he get?

“Queen of the spouse” – this is how the wife of King Charles III, Kamil, will be called from now on. For many years, the media speculated whether the current Duchess of Cornwall would have to settle for the title of “Princess Consort”. In a letter published on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II, however, dispelled doubts about the title of her daughter-in-law.

On September 8 in the afternoon it was informed about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Her eldest son, Karol, became the new monarch. The court said that the current Duke of Cornwall would take the throne as King Charles III. More doubts could arise from the title of his wife Kamila from now on.

Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.KERIM OKTEN / PAP / EPA

In February, Elizabeth II celebrated Platinum Jubilee on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of ascending the throne. The monarchini then sent a letter in which she expressed admiration for Kamila’s charity work and clearly stated what kind of title she wanted for her daughter-in-law.

“When the time comes for my son Karol to become king, I know that you will give him and his wife Kamila the same support you give me. It is my sincere wish that Kamila, when that time comes, will continue her loyal service as ‘queen consort’ ‘”- emphasized Elizabeth II. Reuters then wrote that the letter finally approved the place of Charles’s wife the royal family.

“Queen of the Spouse”, that is, a symbolic title

Kamila herself, in an interview with the BBC, briefly commented on the Queen’s appeal, noting that it was “a great honor” for her. Earlier, the media speculated for many years whether she would not be called the “princess spouse” after Charles III Kamil took the throne. But since Elizabeth spoke on the matter, there is no doubt that her will will be done.

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However, the title will only have a symbolic meaning, it will not give Kamila additional rights. The spouse of Charles III will therefore not be able to make any meaningful decisions.

Who is Duchess Kamila?

Kamila Parker Bowles, born in 1947, is the eldest daughter of a volunteer from the Chailey Heritage Foundation and a British cavalry officer. She was educated, among others, by at the British Institute in Paris, the Swiss Mon Fertile and the Dumbrells School in Sussex.

She met then-Prince Charles in 1970. Their romance was rumored even before the new king met his first wife, Diana Spencer (they got married in 1981). However, Elizabeth II did not like the prospect of a relationship between her son and Kamila. When Karol joined the army, Kamila married Andrzej Parker-Bowles, with whom she had two children.

Years later, the British media revealed that after Karol returned from the army, he had started an affair with his former beloved. It lasted for years, even when they were both married.

Charles III and his wife KamilaPAP / EPA

The couple officially revealed their relationship only in 1998, a year after Diana’s death, with whom Karol had previously divorced, as did Kamila with her husband. The wedding of a member of the royal family and his longtime mistress took place in 2005. Kamila was awarded the title of Duchess of Cornwall, but Elizabeth II was then against the fact that after her death her son’s chosen one was called “the queen consort”.

As this year’s letter from Elizabeth II shows, Kamila convinced the queen of, among others, thanks to his charity work. The spouse of Charles III is active in the fight against violence against women, and looks after many organizations that help victims.

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Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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