Elizabeth II had a passion for a well-known Pole. “She loved watching him”

Reason? She was unexpectedly charmed by Tomasz Schafernaker (43), the presenter of the forecast. – It was a bit of a crush; she always wanted to watch the forecast while he was on the air, says a person close to the queen in the Daily Mail. “It made her laugh when his name was pronounced, but she loved to watch him,” the informant added.

Tomasz Schafernaker was born in GdaƄsk and attended school there. He continued his education in England. He graduated in meteorology from the University of Reading, Berkshire. He has been working for the BBC since 2006.

The Queen may not have been aware of this, but she wasn’t the only one who was infatuated with Thomas. Hundreds of thousands of people follow him on social media, mostly women.

During the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, Schafernaker was named the UK’s most popular weather presenter. The women couldn’t resist the charm of his long hair, which he did not cut due to closed hairdressing salons.

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