Electricity up to 400 percent. up for apartment users. The government freezes energy prices

Communities and housing cooperatives may face up to fourfold increases in electricity prices. It is about energy for the common parts of the property. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has launched an educational campaign on energy saving. Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers adopted a bill on special solutions to protect electricity consumers in 2023. It assumes a freeze in energy prices.

The Council of Ministers adopted a draft act on special solutions for the protection of electricity consumers in 2023 in connection with the situation on the electricity market, submitted by the Minister of Climate and Environment.
From January 1, 2023, the government wants to organize a support system in the payment of electricity costs, as part of the so-called Of the Solidarity Shield. The solution will cover all households in the country.

Next year, Polish families will not pay higher electricity bills up to the limit of PLN 2,000. kilowatt hours (kWh). Even higher limit – up to 2.6 thousand. kWh – will cover people with disabilities, while for families with a Large Family Card and farmers – the limit will be up to 3,000. kWh.

The Ombudsman, Marcin Wiącek, indicated on September 18 that the complaints he received indicate that electricity sellers are proposing to housing communities and housing cooperatives an increase in electricity prices by 300-400 percent. from next year.


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