Electricity prices 2023. The Sejm has adopted an act stipulating the freezing of electricity prices up to a certain consumption limit – voting results

The Sejm passed the act which provides for freezing electricity prices for households in 2023, up to a certain level of consumption. The solutions contained in the regulations are to cost almost PLN 27 billion. Now the act will be put to work in the Senate.

It is a government act on special solutions to protect electricity consumers in 2023 in connection with the situation on the electricity market.

414 deputies voted in favor of the act, 1 against and 26 abstained.

Electricity prices 2023

According to the act in 2023 electricity prices they are to be frozen at this year’s level, if the household consumes no more than 2 MWh per year. In the case of households with people with disabilities, the limit is to be 2.6 MWh per year, while in the case of families with the Big Family Card and farmers – 3 MWh.

In order to take advantage of the price freeze up to the limits of 2.6 MWh and 3 MWh per year, you will have to submit a declaration to the energy company that the conditions have been met, e.g. on holding a Large Family Card or a disability certificate.

PGE Obrót earlier said in response to TVN24 Biznes’s questions that about 70 percent customers of this company, using the G tariff, consume on average about 2 MWh per year. According to data from E.ON Polska (formerly innogy Polska), three out of four customers (75 percent) of this company “consume no more than 2 MW of electricity per year”.

After exceeding certain consumption limits, customers will be billed for each subsequent kWh consumed at the rates applicable in the tariff of a given energy company from 2023 or in the case of free-market offers – at the prices contained in the contract with the seller.

Customers who have exercised the right to change the electricity supplier are to be excluded from freezing prices, and at the same time the sales or comprehensive offers they have concluded guarantee them a fixed price for electricity trading in 2023.

Cost of solutions

According to the act, if between October 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023, the electricity consumer reduces its consumption by at least 10%. compared to the period from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022, in 2024 the energy company will apply a discount of 10%. the cost of electricity consumption in the period October 2022-December 2023.

Energy companies are to receive compensation for freezing electricity prices and discounts.

The act also provides for the introduction of an electrical supplement for households whose main heating source is powered by electricity. The prerequisite for obtaining it is an entry or notification of the heating source to the Central Emission Register of Buildings.

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The total cost of support specified in the draft act is to amount to PLN 26.8 billion. According to the regulatory impact assessment, the funds allocated to the payment of compensation and the electrical allowance will come from the COVID-19 Counteracting Fund.

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