Elections in Italy. Giorgia Meloni – who is the leader of the Italian Brothers party?

The right-wing coalition led by the Italian Brothers party won the Sunday parliamentary elections in Italy. Who is the charismatic Giorgia Meloni indicated as the main candidate for the office of Prime Minister? According to experts, during the fight for the office of prime minister, Meloni began to tone down the preached views. However, there is no shortage of opinions that he is still “the most dangerous Italian politician”.

As it follows from In the exit poll, the parliamentary elections in Italy were won by a right-wing coalitioncomposed of the groups Brothers Italians Giorgi Meloni, the League of Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconiwhich won 41-45 percent. endorsement.

The grouping, Brothers Italians, gained about 22.5-26.5 percent of the vote. votes, and therefore the main candidate for the office of prime minister is her leader Giorgia Meloni. She would be the first woman to hold this position in the history of Italy. At the same time, the cabinet she runs, as CNN notes, may be the most right-wing since Benito Mussolini, the Second World War.

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Giorgia Meloni – who is she?

Born in 1977, Giorgia Meloni joined the youth movement of the originally neo-fascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) at the age of 15. In 1998, she became a councilor in Rome and won her first national election at the age of 29 when she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies from the right-wing National Alliance list. In 2006-2008, she was its vice-president, and then became the youth minister in the government of Silvio Berlusconi. Meloni, then 31, was the youngest minister in the country’s history.

In 2012, she was a co-founder of the conservative, traditionalist Italians Brothers (Fratelli d’Italia) party, which she has been managing since 2014. Meloni is known, among others from his passionate speeches. One of the most famous is a speech from October 2019, when she said: “there are people who want us to be” parent 1 “,” parent 2 “, LGBT type, citizen X … These are all codes. But we are not codes. We are human and we will defend our identity. ” – I’m Giorgia! I’m a woman! I am a mother! I am Italian! I am a Christian! You’re not taking it from me! She shouted from the stage.

The famous speech of Giorgia Meloni in October 2019

The famous speech of Giorgia Meloni in October d’Italia

Right-wing views

In the Italian political scene, Giorgia Meloni advocates the traditional family model. She is opposed to granting rights to people belonging to the LGBT + community and is against abortion, which she describes as a “tragedy”. He advocates a firm migration policy, defends national and Christian values.

In recent years, the Italian brothers have been part of the Italian right-wing opposition, along with League and Forza Italia. The Meloni party is often accused of originating from Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party. The politician herself admired the Italian dictator in her youth, but today she distances herself from him and assures him that he is not a fascist. However, she repeatedly proclaimed the slogan “God, homeland, family” which originated in Mussolini’s times.

Meloni tried to change the profile of her party so that it could be seen as a conservative center-right, and thus could count on the support of a wider audience. Therefore, he emphasizes that the Italian Brothers is a grouping against mainstream politics and anti-establishment.

The Italian Brothers is a right-wing grouping that has support also among the extreme right (…) Giorgia Meloni comes from groups that were associated as post-fascist, from the former post-fascist movement, but at the moment her position is becoming more moderate – Małgorzata Lorencka from the University of Silesia said in the “Podcast about abroad”. – Previously, she was associated with statements in which she supports Putin and Orban (…) With the prospect of winning elections and becoming prime minister, she is starting to tone down her position a lot – she noted.

Views on foreign policy

Meloni is a supporter of transatlantic relations and after the outbreak war in Ukraine shared the position of the West by declaring its support for Ukraine. At the same time, however, its coalition partners, Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, questioned the reasonableness and effectiveness of the sanctions imposed on Russia, and stressed that they had an adverse effect on the Italian economy. Salvini is also known to have been in the past he wore a T-shirt with the image of Vladimir Putin.

In the European Parliament, the Brothers Italians grouping belongs to the European Conservatives and Reformists group, the same to which also belongs, inter alia, Law and Justice. Due to her right-wing views, Giorgia Meloni is sometimes compared to Marine Le Penleader of the National Union and counter-candidate Emmanuel Macron in the last presidential election in France.

The Italian brothers together with, among others PiS, the National Union and the Hungarian Fidesz signed a declaration in 2021 in which they presented their idea for Europe and expressed opposition to the transformation of the EU into a “superstate”.

Meloni is considered a Eurosceptic, and the potential victory of her party in the elections was commented on by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, saying that “if things go in a difficult direction, we have the tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary“Meloni herself, however, assures that her party is not anti-EU. In their program, the Italian Brothers gave up on speaking openly about Italy’s departure from the European Union or leaving the euro area.

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Growing support

In the 2018 parliamentary elections, the Italian brothers won only 4.5 percent of the vote. They were then the only opposition party that did not enter the government of national unity led by Mario Draghi.

The rise in popularity of the Brothers of Italy and the wider extreme right in Italy is largely due to the widespread dissatisfaction in society with recent governments. This is evidenced by the historically low turnout in the last elections – around 64 percent. The right wing was also helped by the pandemic, economic and security crises related to the war in Ukraine. The winning coalition led by Giorgia Meloni declared aid to all those affected by these problems.

The (Italian) elite does not have much to offer an impatient voter who already wants some fresh air, someone who would say to him, “We can do it, we will solve your problems painlessly, because they simply result from the madness and theft of leftist Eurocrats. Just don’t steal. ! “ – said Piotr Podemski in an interview with before the elections.

The well-known Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, however, warns in the Guardian that “Giorgia Meloni is a threat to Italy and the rest of Europe”. “Meloni seems to be the most dangerous Italian politician not because she openly refers to fascism or the creation of black shirt squads, but because of her ambiguity. During the election campaign she promoted her democratic, liberal-conservative side. She condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and loudly speaking. she supported NATO and military aid to Kiev, but after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, she opposed EU sanctions on Russia, and in a book published in 2021, I am Giorgia, she argued that Putin’s Russia “defends European values ​​and Christian identity,” she said.

“I think Meloni is dangerous because it is the closest possible school of Berlusconi’s political lies and a populist textbook that teaches that the more total a lie is, the more people will believe it,” concludes Saviano.

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