Ekstraklasa players crushed! A devastating opinion of the former Polish representative

Ekstraklasa players crushed! A devastating opinion of the former Polish representative

Jakub Kosecki He’s 32, but he doesn’t play football seriously anymore. Currently, he plays in the leader of the 1st group of Mazovian Decathlon of the 5th league, KTS It’s in.

The 32-year-old winger, like his father, Roman, has had an interesting football adventure. Today, however, he plays mainly as an expert and a fan.

Jakub Kosecki in the colors of KTS Weszlo/ /PIOTR KUCZA/PHOTOPYK/ /Newspix

The five-time representative of Poland decided to share his impressions after the match inaugurating the spring round in PKO Ekstraklasa. The Polish league resumed the games after the winter break, but the meeting Copper Legnica With Radomiakwas not impressed, to put it mildly.

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Jakub Kosecki upset. He complains about the level of the PKO Ekstraklasa match

Kosecki has a bad opinion about this match. On social media, he expressed his nervousness at the level at which the match was played.

“I’m sorry if, playing in the Polish Ekstraklasa, fans and spectators had to watch it and get tired as I did watching this show that ended a few moments ago. People running around the pitch, because it’s hard to talk about playing football, should think carefully, and people responsible for transfers, rest somewhere in the Caribbean! I didn’t arrive anymore, so I gave up and recommend it to some footballers, “wrote Kosecki on Instagram.

Jakub Kosecki, on Instagram, expressed his nervousness after the return of PKO Ekstraklasa/ /Instagram/jakub77kosecki/ /

Let’s just add that the first spring meeting in PKO Ekstraklasa between Miedź Legnica and Radomiak ended in a goalless draw. The situation was like a cure. There was no shortage of fighting and sharp games. The fans were right to be disappointed.

Match Copper – Radomiak/ /Mateusz Birecki/REPORTER/ /East News

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