Eight years ago, he was supposed to shoot down a plane. Now “Strelkov” wanted to get to the front in Ukraine

Ilya Ponomarenko from “The Kyiv Independent” informed that Girkin had left for the front. “Russian extremist, war criminal, and recently» military analyst «Igor Girkin was reportedly so desperate because of Russia’s weak position in Ukraine that he shaved off his mustache and went to fight himself – but was arrested in the Crimea.”

Girkin was supposed to use a false passport to get to the front lines.

Information about “Strelkov” is confirmed by the adviser to the president of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovich. – According to some reports, Girkin has already been released and allowed to fight in the Kherson region. – So we have a chance to see this “heroic” figure somewhere near Snihurivka – said the politician, quoted by the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency UNIAN.

Igor Girkin himself referred to the whole situation. As he wrote on Telegram, “surely sooner or later” will be at the front. “But not now” – he argued. “This war, as I warned before, will be long and difficult,” he added.

During the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, Igor Girkin dealt with, inter alia, taking over administrative buildings in the occupied territories. Until August 14, 2014, he was the “defense minister” of the puppet Donetsk People’s Republic, and then returned to Russia when troops of the regular Russian army entered eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine accuses him of terrorism, torture, murder and deliberate violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In 2019, the public prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands accused Girkin of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines 17 in July 2014 and issued an international arrest warrant for him.

“Strelkov”, or “Sagittarius”, openly talks and writes about the shortcomings of the “special military operation” President Vladimir Putin, which is to lead to the conquest of Ukraine.

Source: Twitter, UNIAN

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