Egypt. Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb. A tunnel was discovered underground

Egypt. Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb. A tunnel was discovered underground

Archaeologists discovered an underground tunnel over a kilometer long near the Taposiris Magna temple in Alexandria, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Saturday. The corridor is 13 meters below the surface. The excavation team says they are getting closer to finding Cleopatra’s lost tomb, and the tunnel that has just been discovered may lead to it.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities informed about the discovery in social media on November 5. The tunnel is 13 meters underground and its length is over 1,300 meters. It was discovered by members of the Egyptian-Dominican archaeological mission from the University of San Domingo headed by Dr. Kathleen Martinez.

As reported on the ancient history portal Ancient Origins, excavations in the tunnel found many ceramic vessels and pots, a rectangular block of limestone and two alabaster figures of human heads. One of them, according to archaeologists, dates from the Ptolemaic period, which lasted in Egypt from the 4th to the 1st century BC

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Cleopatra’s Tomb

Archaeologists have yet to establish when the tunnel itself was built. The temple of Taposiris Magna located above it was built in the years 280-270 BC. It was built in honor of the god Osiris, worshiped by the then ruling Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy II from the Hellenistic Ptolemaic dynasty. Part of the tunnel is flooded with water, which may be caused by severe earthquakes that took place between the 4th and 14th centuries AD in the Egyptian coast.

According to Dr. Kathleen Martinez, who has been at the forefront of excavations in the Egyptian Taposiris Magna temple area for several years, the tunnel may lead to the long-sought Cleopatra’s tomb. The place where the famous queen of Hellenistic Egypt was buried together with her lover – Roman commander Mark Antony – has been the subject of archaeological searches for decades.

Dr. Martinez believes that her subsequent discoveries show that she is close to discovering this lost tomb. A few years ago, a cemetery with 22 mummies was found near the temple, all with their head facing Taposiris Magna. According to Dr. Martinez, this could indicate that someone extremely important was buried in or around the temple. During the excavations, coins with the image of Cleopatra and her bust were also discovered.

Ruins of the Temple of Taporsis MagnaAmr Dalsh / Reuters / Forum

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Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt,

Main photo source: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities / Ttwitter

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