Dynamic Island for Android is here. Just install this application

It was only a matter of time before the flagship feature of the iPhone 14 Pro was copied by the developers of the Android application.

On September 7, Apple surprised everyone presenting the Dynamic Island function. The programmers used the space around the openings in the screen to display additional, useful content at a given moment.

Probably a few minutes after the presentation, the first developers launched copiers, because several Dynamic Island clones can already be found in the Play Store. I checked some of them and chose the app that is – in my opinion – the best. Though still not perfect.

Dynamic Island for Android. The dynamicSpot application for download

The popular developer Jawomo is responsible for creating this app. It is intended mainly for smartphone users with centered holes for a selfie camera. The whole idea is that the black island should surround the webcam.

The dynamicSpot program allows you to adjust the location, height and width of the island to the nearest pixel. With just a few clicks, the interface perfectly coincides with the size of the opening itself in the screen.

When the application is active, icons of the last notifications are visible next to the camera. Just hold your finger on the area to expand the entire notification.

If music is being played, dynamicSpot takes over as the media controller.

Photo source: © Licensor | Miron Nurski


The program allows you to adjust the way of interacting with notifications or the number of notifications that are displayed simultaneously. More advanced options, however, require the purchase of the Pro version for PLN 17.99.

On the visual side, dynamicSpot doesn’t even take off to Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro. The pool of animations is much narrower, and at the same time they are not as polished and pleasing to the eye as in the case of the original.

Photo source: © Licensor


Due to the specificity of the application’s operation, it requires full access to the screen content and all received notifications. The creator, however, ensures that no data is collected, and dynamicSpot does not even have access to the Internet. And in fact, for several hours of testing, the system did not notice even a byte of transferred data.

Personally, I am not going to use this app any longer, but you can see that the interest in Dynamic Island for Android is huge. The program is in the early access phase, and it took two days to exceed the 100,000 barrier. downloads.

Miron Nurski, editor-in-chief of Komórkomania

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