Duchess Kate broke protocol. Royal fans were thrilled

Duchess Kate broke protocol. Royal fans were thrilled

Ever since King Charles III came to power in Britain, there has been a lot of comment about how his management style differs from that of his mother. Queen Elizabeth II was a great advocate of tradition and ruthless application of protocol, thanks to which she received the opinion of a cool and distant monarch towards her subjects. Thanks to the new government, the younger generation of the royal family can afford more slack and freedom, as Duchess Kate has just demonstrated by breaking protocol.

Unique selfie with the Duchess

Kate Midlleton showed how members of the monarchy are trying to shorten the distance to the British. It would have been impossible under Elizabeth II, but Charles III is much more progressive than his mother, who died a few months ago. That’s why Duchess Kate, who recently visited Leeds, allowed herself a gesture and behavior that were absolutely unacceptable under Elizabeth II. And although Kate Middleton broke protocol in this way, none of the people present on the spot held it against her. On the contrary, everyone was delighted.

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A small gesture – a big change

Passing by a crowd of fans of the royal family, the Princess of Wales was asked by one of the gathered to take a selfie together. Laughing Kate Middleton willingly agreed to the man’s request and posed for a commemorative photo. We can watch a nice incident on the recording presented on TikTok.

The beaming Princess of Wales not only posed for a photo, but also tried to embolden the man who asked her for a selfie when he told her he felt a bit intimidated by the situation.

It would seem that a joint selfie with a representative of the royal family is a nice gesture and nothing extraordinary. After all, many similar behaviors can be observed every day in public space – fans take pictures with actors, musicians or politicians. And yet, until now, taking a selfie or even signing autographs has been strictly forbidden for members of the royal family.

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