Drought in Serbia. The low level of the Danube revealed German ships from World War II

“The German flotilla has left behind a great environmental catastrophe that threatens us, the people of Prahov,” Velimir Trajilović, a local pensioner who wrote a book about German ships, told Reuters.

They were sunk by the Germans in 1944, when the Nazis withdrew from these areas in front of the advancing Red Army.

This year’s drought has exposed more than 20 hulls in the Danube section near Prahovo. The wrecks narrowed the shipping section here from 180 to 100 meters. Many of them contain tons of ammunition and explosives.

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In March, the government in Belgrade launched a tender to recover the wrecks from the Danube and remove the explosives. The cost of the operation is expected to be around USD 30 million.

A few days ago, Hungarian media reported a similar discovery elsewhere in the river. The low level of the Danube at the height of the town of Vamosszabadi in northwestern Hungary, near the border with Slovakia, exposed the wreckage of a probably Soviet ship that sank during World War II.

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