Drone attacks on Russian ships in Sevastopol. “Unique event in the history of war”

Drone attacks on Russian ships in Sevastopol. “Unique event in the history of war”

– It was a unique event that will be no less significant in the history of this war than the liberation of Snake Island and the Kharkiv region – said Volodymyr Zabłocki, an expert of the Ukrainian military portal Defense Express, commenting on Saturday’s drone attack on the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol in the annexed Crimea. According to independent media, the flagship frigate Admiral Makarov was damaged as a result of the explosion. So far, the Ukrainian side has not admitted to attacks on Russian ships.

– This is the first combined attack by surface and air (drones) on the ships of the Russian fleet in the protected bay of the base in Sevastopol in the history of naval wars – said Volodymyr Zabłocki in an interview with the Ukrainian radio NV. – The uniqueness lies in the fact that it was a remote attack, no one was present in this place, all this was done hundreds of kilometers from the facility – added a military expert. report: RUSSIA’S ATTACK ON UKRAINE

Attack on a Russian ship in Sevastopol. ISW: it could have been the work of Ukraine

According to Zabłocki, a group of drones attacked the Russian ships “simultaneously” on Friday night.

– The first attack took place without any reaction from the Russians. They did not notice anything, which proves the lack of any protection (base – ed.) Or disorganization prevailing, as usual, in the Russian fleet – said the expert. In his opinion, two to four ships were damaged as a result of the attack, including the frigate Admiral Makarov.

The first damaged ship caught fire, then several others that were standing nearby. The surveillance cameras of the Sevastopol coast showed that it was an unexpected attack, and the explosions were very strong – added Zabłocki. As he stated, “the attack was well coordinated.” – It can be assumed that the surface drones operated under air cover, which attracted attention and attacked at the same time – the expert noted.

A shot from the video about the attack on Russian ships Anton Gerashchenko / TWITTER

Russia on “terrorist attack”

The Ukrainian side has so far not officially confirmed that the targets in Sevastopol have been attacked. The Ukrainian operational command South said only that it “cannot confirm the reports of the destruction of Russian ships carrying Kalibr maneuvering missiles.” “The cause of the incident may have been a failed launch of anti-aircraft missiles,” the command said.

Advisor to the head of the Ministry of the Interior Ukraine Anton Heraszczenko reported after the incident that explosions occurred on at least four warships Russiathe reason, he said, was “careless handling of explosives”.

The Russian defense ministry said that the minesweeper Ivan Golubets was damaged in the fire, without giving any more details.

Russia also stated that there had been a “terrorist attack” and announced that it was withdrawing from the so-called the grain initiative for the transport of food from Ukrainian ports.,, PAP

Main photo source: Anton Gerashchenko / TWITTER

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