Dragon Ball in Fortnite. Epic Games presents new attractions

From today, enthusiasts of the hit Battle Royale can learn the secrets of great power. The heroes of the Dragon Ball Super series are entering Fortnite – in addition, players will complete tasks and earn rewards from the “Unleashed Power” tab.

For a long time, the developers responsible for the development of Fortnite have made every effort to ensure that the servers are diverse and intense – only in the last few weeks, fans of the genre could check John Cena in action, news in Creative Mode or see the Rocket Leaque World Championship.

From August 16 to August 30, however, Fortnite will experience an influx of great power. As part of cooperation with the Dragon Ball brand, four powerful characters came to production – Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus. What’s more, as you complete Dragon Ball quests and check out the adventures on the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, players will increase their Power level, earn Dragon Balls (starting August 19) and receive rewards – the main one will be the Shenron hang glider.

“The Fortnite world has not seen such power yet! The game features four legendary, powerful characters from Dragon Ball Super – Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus … “

The tasks have been divided into seven sets, thanks to which we train focus, strength, dexterity and other skills. Completing the Training Pack will earn you a Dragon Ball, gifts (including Battle Pass levels, emotes, Dragon Radar Backpack), and increase your Power Level. If you decide to fight for the title of the strongest on the island, you will be classified on the Confrontation Board. The new attractions will also allow you to have Son Goku powers:

“In every match from the sky, in shipments invented by Capsule Corp, a Kamehameha falls, which you can pick up and shoot a destructive beam of energy at anyone who gets in your way, or Billy Cloud (Kinto)
that you can summon and fly around the Island on it. More capsules will spawn as the Storm approaches, so watch out for epic battles and power tests! ”

Fans of the series will embark on a cruise ship and watch selected episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The Island of Adventure will gain spots inspired by the climate series, while the greatest daredevils will be able to participate in the Power Tournament.

“The Power Tournament will also feature an additional Kamehameha ranking for killing players with the mighty Kamehameha! Get 3 Kamehameha Eliminations to receive the Beerus Meal Spray as a reward.

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