Douglas: – Lech’s matches with Legia are the hottest games I’ve played in

Barry Douglas spoke before the upcoming Lech vs. Legia game (Saturday, 5:30 pm).

Douglas: - Lech's matches with Legia are the hottest games I've played in

The Scotsman said: – It’s the kind of atmosphere that you love to play in as a footballer. I love when matches involve a lot of tension and pressure. In the week before the game, there was a feeling of tension all over town. It seems to me that just after the first whistle, the fans counted from ten, threw streamers onto the pitch and then everything was cleaned for a good few minutes. I really hope to play Saturday for the tenth time in this special match. I know how important it is for the fans, but you have to remember coldly that this is another match for three points. But when you see how much this means to the people around you, you approach it differently. These are probably the hottest meetings I have attended. I played in the Dundee derby in Scotland, but the atmosphere between the two teams is not that hostile. In Turkey I saw a live game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, it was really crazy there. People from the outside are not aware of the temperature of our clashes with Legia, I often recommend to friends from other countries to watch them and they are very impressed.

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