Dorota Gardias organized a “Solar Patrol”. She runs on the beach like Pamela. “Amazing”

Dorota Gardias organized a “Solar Patrol”. She runs on the beach like Pamela. “Amazing”

Dorothy Gardias She gained popularity as a presenter weather and journalist. She has been with the station since 2006 TVN. She has proven that she is a woman of many talents. Years ago, she won the ninth edition “Dancing with the Stars” in tandem with Andrej Mosejcuk, and recently delighted with her vocals in the program “Mask Singer”. Pogodynka also has experience in modeling and beauty contests. For several days now, he has been boasting about photos from holidays in Cyprus on social media. It is impossible to pass by these photos indifferently.

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“Interactive dress” by Dorota Gardias stunned fans

Dorota Gardias is basking in Cyprus. Holiday photos are breathtaking

Dorothy Gardias went on a trip with her daughter. She likes to report her vacation on the Mediterranean on Instagram. Her InstaStories are full of beautiful views and landscapes, but they are not the ones that impress the Internet users the most. The TVN star impresses with a great figure that many models would be proud of. In the latest photos, she poses in a one-piece swimsuit in pink. What for figure!

January in Cyprus – wrote Dorota Gardias on Instagram.

Dorota Gardias in Cyprus

Dorota Gardias in Cyprus photo. Instagram /dorotagardias

Dorothy Gardias not only photos, but also a short video. You can see that he is taking full advantage of the great weather and spending as much time as possible on the beach. She looks very happy.

The latest photos and video were positively received. You can find a lot of positive comments from fans under the Instagram posts from the holidays.

And we have the Polish version of “Baywatch”. Pamela softens.

Goddess figure. Amazing. Rest is good for you, Dorothy.

Aphrodite. You look phenomenal – we read on Instagram.

A wide smile that has not left his face for several days Dorothy Gardias proves that the flight to Cyprus turned out to be a hit. Are you waiting for her next holiday postcards?

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