Dorota Gardias in a new role! The TVN star will leave television?

Dorota Gardias in a new role!  The TVN star will leave television?

Dorota Gardias in a new role! The TVN star will leave television?

Professionally involved in television and modeling, although singing is her greatest passion. She took over her singing abilities from her father, who was her teacher. As a child, she also attended a music school.

Recently, she stopped hiding her talent and presented her abilities in the program “Mask Singer”. Her performances were appreciated not only by the audience, but also by the judges. Dorothy Gardias she also sang at the gala on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of TVN.

“After the ‘Mask Singer’ program, when Kuba Wojewódzki sweetened me so much and added wind to my wings, I gained courage. I believed in myself on this plane and… we have a song. I already have a recorded demo, we are about to enter the studio and I hope that in December we will be able to present it to you,” Gardias said in an interview with cozatydzien.tvn.pl.

And she revealed in what climate her debut single will be maintained.

“I love the music of the 80s, I grew up on the music of Kora and the Maanam band, on Mrs. Małgosia Ostrowska, on Bajma … It will be a tribute to them,” she revealed.

However, Gardias assured that she did not intend to give up her career in television and did not plan to leave TVN.

“I love working on TV, really. Especially on live shows, especially when there is some interaction, there are other hosts, how can you discuss, joke, when there are challenges, when something interesting happens. In such situations I find myself best” – she said .

And she added that she plans to combine both passions – music and television.

“I don’t like predictions and performances where there’s just the camera and me and you have to say something. When there’s an interaction and something happens, that’s why I love ‘Good morning TVN’because there is always something going on there and that is why I would like to work in television as long as possible, to develop all the time. He can also do new things, and working at our station gives me such opportunities and new challenges, which makes me very happy. But by the way, I think it’s worth making your dreams come true, because this recording of the song, the performance in ‘Mask Singer’, is the fulfillment of my personal and deeply hidden dreams – she concluded.

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