Dorota Gardias in a new hairstyle. “Like a teenager”

The presenter showed her fall styling on Instagram, and she also praised her hairstyle. Short, frayed hair with a pugnacious fringe is perfect for her and effectively makes her age younger. According to many fans Dorota Gardias looks like a teenager now.

Sexy, casual and nonchalant. Dorota Gardias’s hairstyle is a hit this season. It is comfortable, universal, rejuvenates and brilliantly emphasizes facial features. It is all thanks to the fringe that optically enlarges the eyes and shapes the cheekbones. It is worth knowing that sometimes a hairstyle can completely change the face. And although long hair is associated with beautiful and is considered a symbol of femininity, short hairstyles are usually more flattering and presented better.

The fans’ comments under the post by Dorota Gardias are proof of that.

Hairstyle great, much younger

You look wonderful as a teenager

Mrs. Dorothy, you look beautiful and the hairstyle is wonderful. 10 years younger!

Normally like a high school girl

It is also worth paying attention to the great styling of Dorota Gardias. The weatherwoman is wearing a flowing envelope dress and lace-up boots with thick soles. And an olive backpack – nice, comfortable and healthy for the spine.

Dorota Gardias on InstagramDorota Gardias on Instagram – Instagram / dorotagardias

You can find all the styling elements on Bonprix. The dress costs PLN 129.99, shoes PLN 199.99, and a backpack PLN 124.99.

Bonprix backpackBonprix backpack – www.bonprix.pl
Bonprix dressBonprix dress – www.bonprix.pl
Bonprix shoesBonprix shoes – www.bonprix.pl

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