Donald Tusk in Potsdam. He criticizes Germany and calls for arms supplies

– Ukraine has a chance to win this war, but it requires much greater support from Europe, especially from the largest and richest countries, such as Germany. It is not only about warm words and awards, but about weapons, ammunition, planes and tanks – Tusk noted in his speech at the awards gala in Potsdam near Berlin.

– There is no reason why countries such as Germany, France or Italy should be less involved in helping Ukraine than the USA, Poland or the Baltic states. (…) Only political blind people can ignore the fact that Russia has been at war with NATO and the European Union for a long time, said the former Polish prime minister and the current leader of the PO.

– There is no choice for us other than unequivocal commitment on the side of Ukraine. It has been a long time since there was such a black and white conflict. It is known who is the executioner and who is the victim. Attempts to relativize this issue seem disgusting. European politicians, also here in Berlin, who are looking for some symmetry, historical and economic justifications for inaction, should be aware that the help from all Western countries, and I am talking especially about the supply of weapons, would be faster and greater, Ukraine would not be killed as much children, so many women would not be raped and murdered – emphasized Tusk.

– We can’t turn back time. Let’s do what we can, let’s do it now. We’re talking about instant boost weapons supplies, including heavy weapons. (…) Let us return to the question of Ukraine’s accession to NATO and real security guarantees for Kiev, he added.

– Until recently, voices were heard, also here in your country, that Germany could not openly stand on the side of Ukraine because of the memory of the Russian victims of Germany during the Second World War. And yet the war began with the invasion of Poland, and the Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian nations and, of course, the Jewish population living in these lands suffered the most. If the sense of guilt and responsibility for World War II is to oblige Germans to do something, it is to fully commit on the side of Ukraine in defense against the aggressor and to take a serious and honest approach to compensating the peoples who paid the highest price for the madness of Nazism. I am saying these words as a politician who has been involved in the process of Polish-German reconciliation for years, not as your opponent, said Tusk.

This year, the Ukrainian nation has received the M100 Media Award, presented since 2005. Volodymyr Klitschko, a Ukrainian politician and boxer, picked it up on behalf of the Ukrainians. The laudations were delivered by the US ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, and by Donald Tusk. During the ceremony, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also spoke.

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