Dominika Tajner was not invited to the Ich Troje jubilee

Dominika Tajner complains on Instagram that she was not invited to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band Ich Troje. What did she say?

Dominika Tajner she was a wife for seven years Michał Wiśniewski. Unexpectedly, the couple decided to split up. They did it with style and did not discuss private matters in public. The proof may be the fact that even after some time, they speak about themselves with class. Just like when a star Dancing with the stars, in an interview with a reporter Hawk Post she said that “They are very good buddies”.

The former spouses both have already found happiness in love. Michał quickly became involved with Pola. They have a little son together and it looks like they are very happy. Dominika had to wait a little longer for her other half.

She first dated a 60-year-old Cypriot businessman and mysterious Adam. These relations turned out to be unsuccessful, and Tajner surprised with the news of her new beloved. At that time, she did not reveal who she was talking about. It is already known today that it is about Mariusz Wach. They are already engaged, and Tajner does not hide his happiness.

Despite the declared good relationship with her ex-husband, there is something that made her sick. It turns out that Michał Wiśniewski did not invite Dominika to a concert on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the band Ich Troje. She lost herself on Instagram.

Dominika Tajner was not invited to the Ich Troje jubilee

Dominika Tajner when she was still a wife Michał Wiśniewski, also took over the managerial duties of Ich Troje. The group is currently celebrating its jubilee, and it has not been invited to its 25th anniversary. She said about it on Instagram.

Beloved, it’s me again. And I think to myself that in a few minutes Polsat will start another Ich Troje jubilee. Beloved, I keep my fingers crossed for you, although I have to admit that there was a slight faux pas, because I was leading this band for 6 years, as far as I remember well, and I was not invited to the jubilee. Hope this is some stupid overlook. Anyway, Michał, Jacek, Ania, I keep my fingers crossed for you. Give a nice concert. Regards. Kisses – she said in the report.

What do you think, deliberate action Michał Wiśniewskiis it really an oversight?

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