Doda’s new partner is Dorota Gardias ?! – Super Express

Doda’s new partner is Dorota Gardias ?! – Super Express

A few days ago, the final of the program took place “She will add. 12 steps to love“, in which the star met twelve men. Candidates were selected for her by profilers, and she later discussed each date with a psychologist, Leszek Mellibruda. She will add She didn’t find the one in the program, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t get anything out of it. On the contrary, the show changed a lot in her life and gave her space for a new kind of relationship. The episodes of the program were recorded in the summer. In the fall, the star met the psychologist again. At the end of the conversation, she confessed to him that she is no longer single!

My heart is busy. I’m in love! This does not apply to any of the candidates. It is quite a recent situation. We met before, but the feeling between us was born after the show – she said.

However, Doda did not reveal who her beloved was. In the video for her latest song “Waterfall”, she appeared in the company of a handsome man. There are many indications that he is Dariusz Pachut. The media has been speculating for some time that it was he who won the heart of the beautiful singer.

Who is Doda’s new beloved?

Dariusz Pachut is an athlete, paramedic and traveler. The man runs a page on social media that is followed by 10,000. people. As we can see in the pictures, kayaking, mountain climbing, jogging, cycling or parachuting are just some of the activities he engages in.

Addicted to endorphins. All the time in action. Positive. With endless energy – he wrote about himself.

Dariusz Pachuta became famous in 2021 due to his relationship with Dorota Gardias. The man was very supportive of her as she struggled with cancer. The two, however, only met until March 2022. It was then that the journalist informed me that they were already a couple. In May 2022, Dariusz Pachut was seen with Doda on a bicycle ride. A few days ago, “Fakt” published their photos together.

See more photos of Doda and Dariusz Pachut in our gallery!


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